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About Me

I'm Eddie and I'm a California-based photographer, traveler, writer, digital marketer, and outdoor enthusiast who has a bad case of the travel bug.

Photography for me all started back in 2007 at a community college dark room where the hours went by and time got lost as I learned to craft and

develop my own prints through film photography.

I've always been one to just pack up my bags last minute and take off on spontaneous trips. Whether it's exploring new locations in my Californian backyard; or to different countries around the world, I always find myself chasing after fun surf, delicious foods, and diving head on into cultures that places me outside of my western lifestyle comfort zone.

Photography for me is not just about taking a picture. It's a state of being free. It's an adventure that drifts me away from routine and opens my soul to a new world.

When I'm not out shooting photos, I love spending my time playing piano, eating food, snowboarding, rocking out at concerts, playing games with family and friends, and taking my dogs out to the beach or on walks through the woods. 

Hope you enjoy my work and find some inspriation to get out and explore some places yourself!

Pura Vida,



Eddie Roth Visual

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