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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

Thought I’d start something new to kind of give you an inside edge of life behind the lens and some tips for all my fellow travelers and photographers out there.

A quick blerb about me. I’m a 30 year old photographer, surfer, travel-hungry man from California. Photography for me all started in a community college dark room back in 2007 where I began by learning the basic fundamentals and principals of film photography and print procedures. Spending my Friday nights in the dark room became almost therapeutic for me. Learning about dodge and print, blasting tunes through my headphones, and engaging with my other film photographers and entering art shows.

After college, I found myself with more time just having fun with it. It’s what I love to do. Without getting into too much personal details, I’ve battled depression for most of my 20’s so going out and shooting photography became a safe haven for me. I was able to explore places with no point of direction, blast my music, and really just live in the present moment where everything that was flooding my mind just gets left behind.

My first trip abroad by myself was in 2015 when I took a little surf trip to Costa Rica. It was honestly a nerve racking experience at first. I had NO idea what was in store for me. I’ve always been one who was open to talking to everyone and anyone, spoke decent Spanish, and have always had a burning hunger for adventuring and making bold decisions.

My first trip was incredible! Even though I traveled alone, I met so many people on my journey and had the time of my life. (I will write about Costa Rica in a future blog.)

That trip did it. I got the travel bug. From there I’ve been to Mexico multiple times (I will forever have a big place in my heart for Mexico), Cuba, Canada, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Switzerland, and Germany.

I hope for all my readers that I can help light that fire inside to go out and explore, keep an open mind, try new things, and learn about other people and share with them what you know.

So cheers, salude, prost, compay, and nastarovia! Hope you all enjoy my photos


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